Setting up Business & Licensing

We provide a complete business set up, company formation and sponsorship services to all type of company structure. We handle all professional, commercial, industrial & service sector licenses.  We provide following services to our clients.

  • Choose suitable business license for your requirements.
  • Appoint reliable sponsor for mainland licenses.
  • Choose suitable office location.
  • Prepare company legal documents.
  • Process License on concerned department.
  • Process business visa and other visas.
  • Formation of free zone Company, offshore company.
  • Formation of Branch office and Representative office of foreign company.
  • Formation of LLC and sole establishment.
  • Prepare business plan.
  • Recruitment & pay roll services.
  • Prepare project report and business feasibility report.
  • Assist to open bank account, post box and ministerial work.
Other services

Prepare an initial business plan to clarify your marketing, management, and financial plans.

Determine your start-up capital needs.

Identify sources of start-up capital and backup sources if needed.

Evaluate and quantify your borrowing power so you know how much money you can get your hands on if needed.

Select a business structure that best fits your needs by evaluating advantages, legal exposure, ease of operation and portability should you need to relocate.

Select the right accounting software by evaluating your budget, needs and hardware.

Prepare a Cash Flow Budget so you know exactly how much money you need to keep the business alive each month for the first few years. Unplanned cash requirements are always emotionally painful.

Establish billing and collection procedures to maximize your cash flow.

Establish procedures to monitor and control costs.

Prepare and file all required state and local licenses and permits.

Prepare and file your application for your Federal Employer Identification Number.

Provide payroll and payroll filing when you bring on your first employee.

Comply with employment laws so you don´t get hit with fines and unhappy employees.

Identify your business insurance needs.

Develop a solid Partnership Agreement. This is an extremely important document for all new partnerships and will help prevent a tremendous amount of financial and emotional problems down the road.

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Maintaining an accurate, timely and effective system of financial reporting and control is challenging for any business. When it comes to meeting financial reporting requirements, businesses with international financial operations face increasing complexity as international regulations, accounting standards and business needs continue to evolve.