Marketing Research

In every fast growing market, the necessity of knowing where we are and where we go is vital.  Opportunities and risks exist for everyone. MAF is here to provide market intelligence for successful strategy planning. We are leading marketing and market research Company based in UAE providing dynamic and unchartered results in the fields of market research, feasibility studies and strategy consulting.

Market intelligence is the key to strategic decision making.  We provides market research services, primary or secondary, qualitative interviews or quantitative market research surveys to clients across all sectors.  We well established, full service marketing research company specializing in market research data collection through market research surveys and focus groups.

Our research approaches are;

Quantitative – All of our quantitative approaches incorporate sophisticated modeling and multivariate analysis techniques that are designed to uncover powerful and actionable insights.

  • Satisfaction barometer
  • Mystery shopping
  • Product, Service & Company diagnosis
  • Marketing mix testing

Qualitative – We deploy a wide breadth of qualitative methods to engage your target audience, probe beyong the superficial and get to the emotions that motivate thinking and ultimately action.

  • Face to face and telephone interviews
  • Secondary market research and analysis

Analytics – Our analytic toolbox is continually updated to leverage the thinking of leading academics and statistical software developers.

Online – Comprised of more than million consumers around the world, our service is multi sourced to provide highest quality of response.

Specialize – We provide various forms of specialized research, including litigation research on intellectual property issues such as trade mark, infringement and advertising claims substantiation.

We help you:

  • Improve operating performance and processes
  • Modernize and standardize Human Resource service
  • Improve management control
  • Improve risk management
  • Establish credibility
  • Release resources for other purposes
  • Gain access to world class capabilities & methodologies
  • Obtain expertise, skills & technologies not currently available