Buying, Selling & Merging Of Business

Buying and selling businesses is an area that requires specialist input from experts who deal with this type of work on a regular basis.  The purchase of a business requires an understanding of the valuation of that business.  We can assist with the undertaking of due diligence work to ensure that valuations offered are realistic and sensible.  Likewise, if you wish to sell your business or part of the business, we can find out the value of your business.

Mergers & acquisitions and corporate restructuring are a big part of the corporate finance world.  For a CEO, leading a Mergers & Acquisitions can represent the highlight of a whole career.  Once you know the different ways in which deals are executed, you will have a better idea of whether you should cheer or weep when a company you own buys another company or is bought by one.  You will also be aware of the consequences for companies and for investors.

One plus one makes three, this equation is the special feature of a merger or an acquisition.  The key principle behind buying a company is to create shareholder value over and above that of the sum of the two companies.  Two companies together are more valuable than two separate companies at least that is the reasoning behind Merger & Acquision.

Strong companies will act to buy other companies to create a more competitive and cost efficient company.  The companies will come together hoping to gain a greater market share or to achieve greater efficiency.  Because of these potential benefits, target companies will often agree to be purchased when they know they cannot survive.

If you are buying a business, investigating all facts of an operation is vital to ensure you are buying a viable company.  Through investigation of financial statement along with evaluation of the inventory and other assets and liabilities will let you know that you are buying a solid business and not a corporate shell riddled with debt and hidden liabilities.

If you are selling a business we help you cover your bases.  Complex legal documents are often a part of any business transaction and you owe it to yourself to have competent legal counsel represent you during this time.

We have extensive experience in leading clients through the complex process of buying, selling and merging businesses.

We conduct due diligence investigations of potential targets or acquires.  We handle mergers and acquisitions of various companies within many different fields such as trading, retailing, tourism, leisure, healthcare, import & export, energy, services, industries etc.