Accounting and Financial Software

Businesses are increasingly looking for integrated solutions that are tailored to their specific needs. We conduct system study to find out the specific requirements of our clients and recommend the accounting software solutions most appropriate to the client´s needs. Before we recommend a product, we will analyze your requirements, make sure that we understand your business and suggest you the package assuring you to get the right solution for your business. We can also assist and execute implementation of all accounting software.

We are one of the business partners of world renowned, reliable Software solution, support & maintenance and Hardware distribution. We also provide better service and annual maintenance contract to our esteemed clients for successful continuous operation. We aimed to establish the best practice scenario most suited to the region through application software that will streamline your Account procedures.

Retail Software Solutions – We provide complete software systems for growing chain retailers who want to be more profitable and productive.

Hospitality Software Solutions – We offer a fully integrated hospitality solution for small to medium sized hotels, restaurants coffee shops and clubs.

Financial Accounting Solutions – We prepare flexible Accounting Reports, Comprehensive Human Resources & Payroll System, Fixed Assets management Register.

Special Projects Solutions – We develop special and customized projects to various Industries in all over United Arab Emirates and other GCC countries.

Inventory Management Solutions – We provide ultimate solutions to improve inventory management process for all kinds of industries.

Remote Area Solutions – We provide Synchronize databases between multiple remote instances of this application. Allow the users to work locally and to update the entries to the desired remote location.

Club Solutions – We offer calendar based user friendly event and resource management software.

Point of Sale Solutions – Point of Sale system is designed to improve your business processes advanced and reliable technology which your business can afford.

Real Estate Solutions – It is complete integration of system across departments in a real estate organization. It manages multiple projects, launch, customer support, payment schedules, reminders etc.

Management Information Solutions – As a planned system of collection, processing, storing and disseminating date in the form of information need to manage organizations effectively.

Contracting Solutions – It is a powerful application for construction business and the application is equipped to manage project management and cost control.

Manufacturing Solutions – This application manage the entire manufacturing process of a company with various procedures for production plant and efficient control over the entire process.

Customer Relationship Management Solutions – This tool improves operational efficiency, enhances productivity and enables customer satisfaction.

Enterprise Solutions – It is a complete set of ERP solutions which manages the operations of a company to a common platform.